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Create the Universe by Superintelligence.

What We Do

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Superintelligence・Quantum Computer & Metaverse

We research and develop the superintelligence (artificial general intelligence) on the basis of a world leading technology "World System on the Basis of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers(BERT), Categorical Network(CN) and Point-Voxel Convolutional Neural Network(PVCNN)." While general artificial intelligence is "specialized artificial intelligence" limited to one function, our artificial intelligence is "artificial general intelligence" that realizes various functions in a single AI and can perform all human actions significantly more highly than humans. We also develop and deliver this on a huge platform with a quantum computer as the backend and a metaverse as the frontend.

Case 1:

Whole-Brain Emulation through the Lens of the Schrödinger Equation

Case 2:

A Novel Approach to Generate Voxel Imagery from Natural Language Using a Fusion of DALL·E and PVCNN

Case 3:

PVCNN: A Novel Digital Twin Technology for Voxel-Based Modeling and Simulation

Case 4:

A Category-Theoretic Approach to Multisensory Brain-Machine Interfaces for the Metaverse

Fibre Optics

Bio・Chemistry・Pharmaceuticals/Life science

As a technology conglomerate, we conduct R&D in several areas: bio, chemistry, pharmaceuticals・life sciences on the basis of a world leading technology "World System on the Basis of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers(BERT), Categorical Network(CN) and Point-Voxel Convolutional Neural Network(PVCNN)." Artificial general intelligence based on category theory unifies large-scale language models based on Transformer, and ML models informed by chemistry and physics. In addition, "new coupling" can be achieved by linking different knowledge domains with functors. This will lead to the invention of new drugs and the discovery of new chemical substances.

Case 1:

Q-PINN (Quantum Physics Informed Neural Network) simulation of time evolution of molecules based on Schrödinger equation and automatic creation of medicine for ischemic heart disease


Case 2:

Micelle-based biodegradable polymers for sustainable packaging


Investment Banking

We aim to be a first-class financial institution and provide a wide range of corporate finance services, focusing on various operations related to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and fundraising. We apply artificial general intelligence (AGI) to M&A-related operations, capital procurement-related operations, and proprietary investment-related operations and automate strategy formulation, due diligence, business planning, and asset portfolio optimization to achieve higher performance at lower cost and over a shorter time span than other bulge bracket firms. In addition, clients can receive not only traditional support in the investment current industry, such as M&A support and capital raising support, but also cutting-edge technical support, such as value enhancement based on technological development using AGI.

Case 1:

Portfolio Evolutionary Optimization with Transformer, Autoregressive Prediction and Evolutionary Algorithm

Case 2:

Machine Learning for the Measurement of Firm Value in Investment Banking: A Parametric Approach Based on Integral Equations

What We Do

New York General Group Presents New Vision at the United Nations 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)

Our Reports


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), capable of
understanding, learning, and performing any intellectual task that a
human can, has the potential to transform various industries,
including biotechnology, chemicals, pharmaceutical/life sciences,
and technology.

Radio Telescopes


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), often depicted as the apex of cognitive computing, refers to a type of artificial intelligence that encompasses the capacity to understand, learn, apply knowledge, and improvise in ways that are indistinguishably akin to human cognitive functions. The inception of AGI marks a paradigmatic shift in computational methodologies, calling for an urgent need to reevaluate existing corporate strategies.

Main Articles

by New York General Group

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Quantum Mechanics Informed AGI

for Semiconductor Industry

Factory Full Automation with Physics Informed Metaverse

Quantum Mechanics Informed AGI

for Biotechnology Industry

Quantum Mechanics Informed AGI

for Biotechnology Industry

About Us

About Us


Today, the world is moving at ultra-high speed: rapid urbanization, climate change and resource scarcity, demographic shifts, shifts in global economic power, and technological advances. In the shifting world, New York General Group was founded in the U.S. in 2021. We are a global conglomerate based on high technology: "World System on the Basis of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers(BERT), Categorical Network(CN) and Point-Voxel Convolutional Neural Network(PVCNN)". We plan to enlarge in 6 areas: AI・quantum computer & metaverse, bio, chemistry, pharmaceuticals・life science, investment banking and scientific research・think tank. Below are three figures regarding us.



New York General Group has 25 proprietary AI.

Modern Building



New York General Group has over $10 billion† technology in bio, chemistry and pharmaceutical・

life sciences.

New York General Group has $527.1 billion† AI technology assets. (2023)


† It was evaluated by a third-party AI.




Sandberg & Bostrom of Oxford University predict that Artificial General Intelligence at the molecular level will not be realized until 2111 or later. However, our own innovative technology "World System" will accelerate this and make it possible in 2025.

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Contact Us
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