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New York General Group AAA Guideline

In order to realize the interests of all stakeholders and society as a whole, we have established the following AAA

guidelines for the Group as a whole.


Act with Integrity. We pledge to comply with the law as a matter of course and to conduct ourselves in an ethically

correct manner in all circumstances.

Aeonian Sustainability. We pledge to think about the sustainability of the Earth and humankind on a century-by-
century basis, and to conduct unceasing scientific and technological research and development to realize this goal.

AI and Ethics. We possess an immense scientific technology called superintelligence (artificial general
intelligence). While it can maximally contribute to the welfare of humankind and the development of society if used
correctly, it can also have a negative impact on society if used incorrectly. We pledge to maintain high ethical
standards at all times and to put in place a management system to ensure that our AI produces the best possible

results for humanity.

In addition to the AAA Guideline above, our institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Mathematics, has also established 100 provisions for the operation of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

Those guidelines were established by the Board of Directors of New York General Group, Inc. We hereby pledge that we will endeavor to ensure that all subsidiaries and their members comply with them.​

Yu Murakami, Chairman of Board of Directors, New York General Group, Inc.

Jan. 2023

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