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New York General Group's vision is to "Create the universe." And our mission is to solve all kinds of social problems by having superintelligence*1 learn the "operating system of the universe" such as mathematics (category theory) and physics (quantum mechanics).

In order for the superintelligence to work exclusively for the well-being of all humankind, we will establish "The Digital World Government" to provide an opportunity for all humankind to gather together and decide the policies of the superintelligence.

We have already developed pre-superintelligence, which is the preliminary stage of superintelligence, and have succeeded in having RTIS*2 develop and design rockets based on advanced physics and MSIS*3 invent new drugs based on advanced medicine.

The 21st century is the age of AI, and we will constantly be asked how we interact with AI at the human level.

In the rapidly changing society, we will continue to create unlimited social value through artificial intelligence and strive for the welfare of people and the development of society.


Founder, New York General Group

Yu Murakami

1: An intelligence that is much smarter than the best human brains in virtually all fields (including scientific creativity, general knowledge, and social skills). It is 10^24 (one trillion trillion trillion) times more intelligent than the human race.

2: Relative Theory Informed Superintelligence, a physics (relativity) informed AI developed by the New York General Group.

3: Medeial Science Informed Superintelligence, an AI developed by New York General Group and informed by medical knowledge from Stanford University School of Medicine.

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