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Superintelligence・Quantum Computer & Metaverse


We research and develop the superintelligence (artificial general intelligence) on the basis of a world leading technology "World System on the basis of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers(BERT), Categorical Network(CN) and Point-Voxel Convolutional Neural Network(PVCNN)."


While general artificial intelligence is "specialized artificial intelligence" limited to one function, our vision's artificial intelligence is "artificial general intelligence" that realizes various functions in a single AI and can perform all human actions significantly more highly than humans.


We will develop and provide this on a huge platform with a quantum computer as the backend and a metaverse as the frontend.

Case 1:

A Categorical Approach to Artificial Intelligence (Technical Report)

Case 2:

Symmetry-Protected Quantum Annealing: Exploiting Parity Conservation for Enhanced Optimization in Two-Dimensional Ising Spin Glasses

Case 3:

A Novel Approach to Generate Voxel Imagery from Natural Language Using a Fusion of DALL·E and PVCNN

Case 4:

PVCNN: A Novel Digital Twin Technology for Voxel-Based Modeling and Simulation

Case 5:

A Category-Theoretic Approach to Multisensory Brain-Machine Interfaces for the Metaverse

Image by Shubham Dhage

In the rapidly evolving trajectory of technological advancements, three pivotal domains are poised to synergistically redefine our digital infrastructure and societal fabric: the immersive realms of the metaverse, the computational prowess of quantum computing, and the cognizant capabilities of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), with the latter emerging as an integrative force harmonizing and maximizing the potential of both the former entities.


In recent years, the inception of the Metaverse has epitomized the zenith of technological confluence, with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) playing a cardinal role in its evolution and amplification. This report delineates seven quintessential metaverse elements and elucidates the instrumental contributions and transformative capabilities of AGI in enhancing each facet.

Image by and machines



01  Superintelligence

Superintelligence (artificial general intelligence) is an intelligence that is much smarter than the best human brains in virtually every field (including scientific creativity, general knowledge, and social skills) and can behave like a human. We have the essence of it on the basis of  quantum theory and will provide it on a huge platform with a quantum computer as the backend and a metaverse as the frontend.

02  Metaverse


While a typical metaverse is merely a visual experience through VR/AR devices, our metaverse is defined at the quantum level on the basis of  quantum theory, and by connecting it to BMI technology, it is possible to make full use of all five senses and have sophisticated experiences such as eating in the metaverse.

03   Quantum Computer

Developing and delivering superintelligence (artificial general intelligence) requires a strong infrastructure. We do this by using quantum computers: computers that can solve complex calculations that cannot be easily solved by conventional computers (classical computers) by applying the phenomena of quantum mechanics to information processing technology.

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