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New York General Group Presents at COP28

A Multifaceted Approach to World Peace" - Our Executive Vice President Ogawa Presents New Vision at the United Nations 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28)



DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, December 10, 2023 -At COP28, New York General Group Executive Vice President Ogawa presented a

creative vision for global peace. This vision combines international peace efforts with the use of advanced digital technologies to drive sustainable change on a global scale.


We are a conglomerate which mission is "Create the Universe." and main business areas are artificial intelligence, quantum computing, metaverse, biotechnology, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, investment banking, scientific research, and think tanks, with a holding company at its core. It has the world's most advanced scientific technology, AGI based on category theory, and has grown to a hectocone company with a market capitalization of over $100 billion in its three years of existence.


She also reported groundbreaking progress in the field of digital technology. In particular, we are driving innovation in the fields of drug development, mechanical engineering, and biotechnology through the use of AGI based on category theory. These technologies will be shared with the broader community through platforms on the Metaverse to help achieve the SDGs and improve the global environment.


Collaboration with partners around the world is essential to realizing this vision, and as Ogawa explains, "We don't just talk about ideals, we have a concrete plan of action. We will join forces with our colleagues around the world to pave the way for peace and a sustainable future," she concluded.


We are moving forward with specific projects and initiatives based on Ogawa's vision and will continue to expand our leadership in this area.

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